General Cleaning Golden Rules

So Tuesday has come again, and you’ve been dreading it since last Tuesday. Yes, that’s right. Tuesday, is house cleaning day. Let the party begin. Right? No. Let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone really wants to clean their house. It’s just a necessity of life unfortunately. It has to be done. The walls need to be washed, the inside of the stove needs to be scrubbed, the dust and cobwebs behind that stove need to be wiped up, and oh yeah, the spaghetti sauce stain that’s been left to dry like a painting over there on burner #3 since last Tuesday needs to be scraped and peeled away like horrible wall paper left behind by the obviously very in style homeowners you bought your home from.

There’s the plants that need watering, cupboards in need of dusting, soup cans that expired 2 years ago that belong in the trash, and why did someone eat all the cheerios and then put the empty cereal box back in between the other clearly full boxes? Children be children, I guess. All of that, is just the kitchen! We haven’t even gotten to the bathroom downstairs which we all know is the dirtiest because come on, he’s a 16 year old teenager, why would he clean his own bathroom. There’s the living room, the den, all 6 bedrooms, the entrance closet, hallway closet, the storage space underneath the stairs, and so much more! All of this is in need of a good tidy up and clean every once in a while. Make sure you do a thorough pre-inspection of the house and have the proper cleaning tools and supplies, a house to yourself for the day, and some good music to keep you motivated.

It’s really important to pick a day when you know the entire house will be all yours. No distractions, nobody in the way, and no one to make a mess right after you’ve cleaned an area. Nothing is worse then wiping crumbs off the counter top only to come back three minutes later and some how, some way, crumbs are again scattered on the counter. There are some things that will drive a person completely mad. Don’t let the disaster scare you because although it can be a very tall task, the end result is worth it, I guarantee it. Well, exception being the downstairs bathroom. You will most likely be in there on Thursday doing it all over again.


Guest Post by: Aaron Alvarez