The Majors & Minors Of the Season’s End Yard Clean Up

As another short and bitter sweet summer is soon headed to a close, I thought it would be fitting to include a topic that is relevant to the season. It flew by and yet most people always have that aggravating feeling of getting less accomplished than what they had set out to accomplish. I know you feel it too, I am not the only one! So now fall has arrived (the best season of them all, in my own personal opinion), and we know that winter is coming (yes John Snow, we get it). That long, cold and dreaded winter is coming all too soon unfortunately and there is much work to do! Fall clean up is upon us and not much time to get it done in so what do you do first, you might be asking yourself? Well, if this happens to be your first crack and a yard fall clean up, I’ve compiled a small list of largely important and smaller but still important chores to get done before the first snow fall.


  1. Leaf Raking

Mostly looked upon as an overwhelming fall chore, it is also a vital one to maintaining the health and longevity of your grass. Allowing a carpet of leaves to settle and stay on your lawn can actually cause death to grass, trapping moisture and deters sunlight from reaching the earth. So make sure you rake, rake and rake until the last day!

  1. Weeds and Fertilize

Before the ground freezes and the snow covers it up, making sure your weeds have been pulled is important to the health of your yard come spring time. Fertilizing it once more before the snow also can be a task that is encouraged.

  1. Eaves-trough Cleaning

Having clogged eaves-trough’s during the winter can be an issue if not taken care of before hand. If you leave leaves, branches and dirt, among other things, left in your eaves-trough’s uncleared, the winter temperatures combined with clogged eaves-trough’s can cause damage that you most likely won’t notice until spring time.

There are of course many other fall cleanup responsibilities to take care of such as garden beds, pool maintenance, plants, shrubs and yard decor. Many of these areas left unprepared for the cold winter months ahead can be a headache next year so it’s best to get a start on them before it’s too late! Of course, if a full fall clean up isn’t a job you can handle or lack of time on your schedule stops you from even getting started, hiring a lawn care company or yard clean up service to get the job done for you is recommended.

You can visit such websites as to find the best people for the job at hand!

You have one of two options. Depending on your time and freedom, you can get these tasks complete on your own while risking your health and sacrificing time spent on other valuable activities. Or as I briefly touched on, you can hire the right professionals to get it done for you in a timely manner and perform a quality job, maybe better than you could yourself. These types of companies know what they’re doing, can get the job done quickly and efficiently, all the while minimizing any extra effort on your part. Normally cost for these kinds of services are very reasonable so don’t be afraid to open your wallet to invest into the integrity of your property.

Don’t let the winter destroy your yard! Because whether you want it to or not, winter…is coming.